Hello gourmands!

I am Aimée Nzie, a food lover with a passion for cooking and a dedication to serving others.

It's a pleasure to have you here!

My mission is to make your life simpler and more delicious through delicious moments with family or friends.

My passion for cooking.

Since my beginnings in a large family where cooking was a family art, my passion for gastronomy has continued to grow. As a working mom, I understand the challenges of juggling responsibilities. My goal is to simplify your life by offering you quality, ready-to-eat meals.

Ready-to-eat dishes, without compromising on quality

We offer you ready-to-eat dishes of exceptional quality. Each bite is a fusion of authentic flavors and carefully selected ingredients.

Variety for all tastes and needs

With a diverse range, from vegetarian options to legume-based dishes, we are committed to satisfying all your dietary preferences, whilst offering pork-free alternatives.

Simplicity in your daily life

La CUISINE D'AIMÉE doesn't just provide meals, we simplify your life. Our ready-to-eat meals are designed to allow you to savor every moment with your family, without the stress of meal preparation.