Aimée's kitchen

Your caterer at OldMontreal 

As an exceptional caterer, I create unforgettable culinary experiences for various events. From corporate meetings to cocktail dinners, weddings, funerals and private parties, my commitment to culinary excellence remains constant.

Entrust me with the privilege of making your special moments memorable, because with me, every meal becomes a symphony of flavors.

Dinner Cocktails

Our cocktail dinners are culinary choreographies, inviting you to an exquisite taste adventure with artistic creations during your receptions.

Weddings and Receptions

At the heart of your precious moments, we weave the magic of love through exceptional cuisine.


In moments of pain, our compassionate cuisine brings comfort with discreet and comforting menus.

Private Parties

Exquisite flavors transform every private party into a gastronomic epic, creating treasured memories.

Lunch Boxes

Practical and delicious, our lunch boxes provide balanced meals ready to enjoy, whether for business meetings or outdoor adventures.