Fish Broth


Celebrate the purity of ocean flavors with our Fish Bouillon, an authentic delight for seafood lovers. This exquisite creation offers a refined and unforgettable culinary experience. Our exclusive recipe highlights a careful selection of fresh herbs, exotic spices and fragrant aromatics, creating a bouquet of aromas that awakens the senses.

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Features :

  • Fish Broth for seafood lovers
  • Pure and authentic ocean flavors
  • Fresh herbs, exotic spices and fragrant aromatics
  • Guaranteed fine dining experience

Tasting Tips: Warm up our Fish Broth and let yourself be carried away by the essence of oceanic flavors. Perfect as a starter or as a base for exceptional seafood dishes.

Strong points :

  • Authentic pleasure of oceanic flavors
  • Bouquet of aromas that awaken the senses
  • Delivery available on the island of Montreal and its surrounding areas

Discover the subtlety of the seabed with our Fish Bouillon, a gastronomic experience that will delight seafood lovers. Delivered directly to your home for a touch of the ocean in every bite.