05 and 07 day menu – Week of January 29, 2024


Main dishes :

  • Bean and Vegetable Chili
  • Vegetable and chickpea tagine
  • Beef bolognese sauce / Vegan
  • Potato gratin with shrimp and vegetables

Salad :

  • Caesar pasta salad with chicken.


  • Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad
  • Rice and Deguè (made from millet and milk

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Menu for January 29: Gourmet Dishes Ready to Enjoy

Main dishes :

  1. Chili with Beans and Vegetables
    • An explosion of spicy flavors, combining beans and vegetables for a comforting experience.
  2. Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine
    • A delicious fusion of simmered vegetables and chickpeas, spiced to perfection.
  3. Beef Bolognese Sauce / Vegan
    • A versatile option with a rich beef bolognese sauce or a tasty vegan alternative.
  4. Potato Gratin with Shrimp and Vegetables
    • A creamy potato gratin, garnished with shrimp and colorful vegetables.

Salad :

  • Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad
    • A generous Caesar salad, perfectly balanced with pasta and tender chicken.


  • Rice and Deguè (based on millet and milk)
    • An exquisite blend of rice and Deguè, made with millet and milk, to complete your meal.

Why Choose La Cuisine d’Aimée?

  • Authentic Flavors: Dishes prepared with care to capture the authenticity of the ingredients.
  • Gourmet Variety: A diverse choice to satisfy all dietary preferences.
  • Ready to enjoy: Meals ready to be savored, cooked with passion by La Cuisine d'Aimée.

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