Explore the culinary richness of Cameroon with Ndolé, a traditional dish made from Vernonia leaves. Grown with care, these leaves are expertly prepared, eliminating any bitterness. Our Ndolé is expertly concocted with a delicious preparation based on peanut paste, crushed spices, tender meat, smoked fish or shrimp.

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Main Ingredients:

  • Green leaves of Vernonia
  • Fresh peanut paste
  • Authentic spices
  • Tender meat
  • Quality smoked fish
  • Fresh or smoked shrimp

Features :

  • Traditional Cameroonian dish
  • Delivery available on the island of Montreal and its surrounding areas
  • Carefully grown Vernonia leaves
  • Exquisite and authentic culinary experience

Tasting Tips: Gently reheat the Ndolé and enjoy it with fried plantains, cassava or rice. The perfect combination of textures and flavors for a memorable culinary experience.

Discover the delicacy of traditional Cameroonian Ndolé, delivered directly to the island of Montreal and its surroundings. An invitation to a unique gastronomic journey from the comfort of your home.