Pistachio spinach sauce: 2.5L


Explore the African culinary richness, a traditional dish based on pistachios. This sauce is made with pistachio paste, crushed spices, tender meat, smoked fish or shrimp.

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Main Ingredients: Spinach leaves Pistachio paste Authentic spices Tender meat Quality smoked fish Dried shrimps

Characteristics: African pistachios, also known as egusi or egusi, are seeds rich in fat and protein, coming from certain species of cucurbits. They are widely consumed in tropical, western and central Africa. These seeds, sometimes from ambiguous species such as "melons" or "cucumbers", are used to prepare egusi soup or pistachio sauce, a popular dish in West Africa.


Tasting Tips: Gently reheat the pistachio sauce and enjoy it with rice, plantains, fufu, cassava. The perfect combination of textures and flavors for a memorable dining experience. This delicious menu, delivered directly to the island of Montreal and its surrounding areas. An invitation to a unique gastronomic journey from the comfort of your home.